Mission Statement:

GUNSTRONG is a Veteran-owned company founded on the fundamental belief that responsible and safe gun ownership is a vital part of our freedom and the American way of life. In support of our Constitution, everyday heroes, and military heroes*, our brand signifies that GUNSTRONG Americans, who own and operate firearms within regulations, are a symbol of liberty. Our mission is to honor and unite the brave soldiers who patrol the front lines, gun enthusiasts, hunters, and all those who support our 2nd Amendment rights, so we can stand as a GUNSTRONG nation.

*a portion of all proceeds will be donated to military charities as well as charities for child victims of gun violence.


Lance Frazee  Owner -

Born in Southern California, he was raised by a GUNSTRONG father, who was a former police officer, firearms instructor, high level competitive shooter, and lifelong hunter. Frazee served in the US Army, with over a decade of service that included combat, peace keeping, and humanitarian and training missions conducted throughout the Middle East, Europe, and Central, South and North America. Frazee excelled at weapons safety, capabilities, marksmanship, and target interdiction, but of all his duties and responsibilities, he was most passionate about the training of both US soldiers and foreign militaries in the familiarization and operation of numerous weapon systems. As well as being an avid outdoorsman and gun owner, Mr. Frazee is a defender of the 2nd Amendment and The Constitution of The United States of America. Without a doubt, he is GUNSTRONG.